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 DC Encourages you to abandon your Manga

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PostSubject: DC Encourages you to abandon your Manga   Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:42 pm

It looks like DC Comics have teamed up with a comic shop in America to get you to abandon your Japanese loving ways and switch over to the pure testosterone of Batman.
A flier has been released encouraging people to trade in any Volume 1 of a manga series for any of DC's new 52 for free, of course limiting it to only one per American citizen, in America.

Obvious things aside, like how Mangas generally are about 3 to 4 times as expensive as any comic, and how they are only after number 1's, thus the only one worth anything, how do you feel about these kind of promotions? Do you think DC is stepping over a line or do you think this attempt to pull some manga readers towards American comics reasonable?
I personally feel this is all just some sort of ploy to get people to trade in a $20 book for a $5 book, nothing more to it.
(Please keep in mind that as of this fliers release, some of DC's most popular #1's have reached their 5th-6th printing, and are thus not worth anything, if you could trade in your cruddy number 1 of a series for a Justice League first printing THEN I might consider it.)
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DC Encourages you to abandon your Manga
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